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Empowering Minds and Inspiring Futures in London's Rich Cultural Landscape


A Warm Welcome from our Directors

At London Vocational Ballet School, we are dedicated to shaping the future stars of classical dance, providing them with a solid foundation that blends the artistry of ballet with a comprehensive academic education. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart as a premier vocational ballet establishment, where students thrive both as dancers and scholars.

Our mission is clear: to prepare aspiring dancers for the rigours of upper school ballet training, all while fostering their intellectual growth. Small class sizes lie at the heart of our approach, ensuring that every student receives personalised attention and tailored guidance. 

From Year 6 to Year 11, we offer a comprehensive educational journey that focuses on the renowned British classical technique. For our younger aspiring dancers, our associate programme provides a stepping stone towards future excellence.

One of our proudest achievements lies in our distinguished alumni, who have left an indelible mark on the performing arts industry. Their successes reflect the dedication, passion, and transformative education that define the London Vocational Ballet School experience.

Whether your aspirations lie in the world of dance or you seek a holistic education that nurtures both body and mind, London Vocational Ballet School is your destination for excellence. 

Welcome to London Vocational Ballet School.

Gavin McCaig, Director of Business Operations & Kate Blakeburn MA (Hons), Academic Director


Our Mission

At our school, we take immense pride in our position as a premier location for vocational ballet training, where we offer exceptional instruction in classical ballet and various dance disciplines.

Our primary objective is to equip students for full-time upper school ballet training. Our vocational training approach is centred on fostering technique, versatility, and musicality, all underpinned by discipline and creativity.

This approach empowers students to evolve as dancers with a distinct sense of individuality and expression, all supported by a strong foundational technique.

To guarantee personalised training and individualised support, our class sizes are deliberately kept small. We organise academic subjects by year groups, with core subjects grouped based on academic proficiency.

Irrespective of a student's starting point, our commitment is to help each individual exceed their potential. We meticulously monitor each student's progress to ensure a comprehensive and well-balanced curriculum that equally values both vocational and academic studies.

Our Courses

Our full-time school offers a dynamic blend of renowned vocational dance training and bespoke academic tuition.


With expert support from leading vocational dance practitioners and a host of guest coaches from the wider dance sector, our full-time programme ensures students achieve their ambitions


Our associate course feeds directly into the full-time school and offers students an introduction to LVBS's style of training in a safe, enjoyable environment


Our holiday courses give students from all over the UK the opportunity to join us for intensive periods of masterclasses and tuition, curated by us and delivered by leading industry figures alongside our faculty


Our STREAM project is looking to partner with local academic schools as well as local dance schools to offer clearer pathways into vocational training for talented young people. Click here to learn more.

Meet the team of experts delivering some of the finest vocational and academic training in London

In the heart of West London, London Vocational Ballet School is within touching distance of the Capital's wider cultural tapestry - the perfect setting to educate young artists

Academic outcomes are matched by exceptional vocational results at LVBS.

Learn more about the tuition fees and term dates for London Vocational Ballet School

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