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LVBS x Dansez: Announcing our new collaboration

Today we are delighted to announce that we have joined forces with Dansez to design and produce our new school uniform here in the UK using a planet-friendly approach. Through our exciting new collaboration, we are thrilled to unveil our new school tracksuits, t-shirts and polo shirts.

"When we made the decision to transform our identity and school name, I knew we should be looking towards the future with both confidence and a conscience. That's what Dansez is doing," says Gavin McCaig, our Director of Business Operations.

"When we launched the UK's first collection of planet friendly ballet clothes we did so with a real hope that ballet schools and dancers would come and join the #wastetowear revolution. How amazing to think that dance clothes are now playing a part in saving the planet by taking tonnes of plastic from the oceans and other nylon waste, repurposing it to create new nylons and fabrics. Not only are they sustainable but they are also high performance.

Dansez also donates to the Healthy Seas initiative every year," says Samantha Carney, Managing Director of Dansez.

She continues: "We are delighted that London Vocational Ballet School have started their own waste to wear journey by introducing a new sustainable tracksuit as part of their uniform. The school has been going through its own transformation with their name change from the Young Dancers Academy and a refreshed vision of innovation, excellence, and collective achievement. Introducing a new sustainable tracksuit, designed by Dansez and of course made at our own studio in Kent, is part of the change as LVBS continues its mission as one of the UK's premier vocational dance schools."

Huge thanks to Dansez for collaborating with us and we can't wait for our students to enjoy wearing their new uniform once it arrives.

For more information on Dansez and their sustainability efforts, visit:



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