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YDA to become London Vocational Ballet School

Leading Vocational Ballet School embarks on an exciting journey with new name and identity

A young brunette ballerina, in a burgundy leotard, pink tights and pointe shoes poses in a classical ballet position. Light streams in the windows behind her and ballet barres sit in the background.
YDA is becoming London Vocational Ballet School. Photo: George Liang

London, 18/08/23 – Young Dancers Academy, a leading provider in vocational education is thrilled to announce a transformative change that marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in its illustrious history. Effective 11th September, Young Dancers Academy will officially adopt a new name and identity, reflecting its commitment to progress and excellence.

After careful consideration and extensive consultation with stakeholders, YDA has chosen a name that embodies the essence of its mission, vision, and dedication to nurturing future artists. The new name, London Vocational Ballet School, embodies the school's pride in being a leading London-based vocational dance provider whilst nodding to a greater global awareness, reflecting its mission to empower students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

"We are thrilled to unveil our new name, London Vocational Ballet School - LVBS for short - which represents a bold step forward for our school," said Gavin McCaig, Director of Business Operations. "Our commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience for our students remains unwavering, and this name change reflects our determination to reach even more dancers as we expand our premises in London and develop a richer, more diverse curriculum for the budding young artists who come through our doors. From September, the school will boast two large studios and a coaching studio with harlequin flooring and mirrored walls, as well as new classrooms and equipment. It’s a really exciting time for us, and for any young dancer in the South of England who wants to pursue a career in classical ballet!”

The rebranding initiative extends beyond a mere name change, encompassing a fresh visual identity that embodies the dynamic nature of LVBS. The school's new logo, colours, and design elements were carefully chosen to convey a sense of innovation, unity, and professionalism, mirroring the ambition of LVBS’s learning environments.

In addition to the new name and visual identity, LVBS will be introducing new collaborative learning opportunities with other vocational schools and the broader arts sector, coupled with a renewed emphasis on community engagement and arts-access for the wider community.

Kelly Richardson, Chair of the Board of Directors said: “Over the years, we’ve been so proud of Young Dancers Academy and its achievements. Its heritage is so important but it feels like the right time for the school to move towards a bigger, brighter future. Our new school name and branding is reflective of our ambitions as a school and as a charity and I can’t wait to see things flourish as we take our next steps.”

The transition to London Vocational Ballet School will be accompanied by a series of events and activities throughout the year that engage students, parents, faculty, alumni, and the wider community. These events will provide opportunities for everyone to come together and celebrate the school's rich legacy while looking forward to the promising future that London Vocational Ballet School represents.

As YDA evolves into LVBS, it invites all stakeholders to join in celebrating this momentous transformation and to embrace the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Together, we embark on a journey of innovation, excellence, and collective achievement.

For more information about London Vocational Ballet School and its exciting transition, please visit or contact



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