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Graduate Interview: Alessio Di Traglia

Alessio studied with LVBS and went on to train at the prestigious English National Ballet School. He now dances with Balletto Di Roma, a neoclassical touring company in Italy. Read on for his favourite memories and top tips for our current cohort of students...

Tell us about your time at school...

It feels like I was there for so long, it is hard to sum up the experience, but I'm forever grateful for it. I had guys in years above me to aspire to and learn from, also talented younger ones whom I could also learn from, while being in a relaxed, friendly environment. I cannot forget the amazing teachers who helped me, not only the artistic ones but also the academic teachers. The moments performing in big theatres also made the time special and created many lasting memories.

Hit us with your favourite memory of school?

My favourite memory at school was going on a dance trip to Havana, Cuba with my fellow students from LVBS and WLSD. It was exciting to see a new country with a different dance culture while having my friends there with me. 

Do you keep in touch with your peers from school?

Yes, despite the school's alumni being scattered all over the world, it’s great to keep in touch and follow them. 

What happened after LVBS?

After training at the school, I went to English National Ballet School and completed the three years there. My teachers helped me improve a lot physically and mentally. My favourite memory would be doing the My First shows of Sleeping Beauty and performing it in different cities across the UK, which was a perfect way to gain stage experience while having fun. It was also nice to see the LVBS staff come to the show at Sadler's Wells Peacock Theatre to support their former students. 

Who's your biggest ballet inspo?

Joseph Sissens, because I saw him perform in his first year at the Royal Ballet and I have been captivated by his effortless technique ever since.

Any advice for our current students?

I would say: be like a sponge and try to take in all the useful information from your teachers and even fellow students to help you progress, but don’t forget to enjoy it in the process because that’s what will keep you going.

Where are you now?

I started dancing professionally during Covid restrictions with Delattre Dance Company in Mainz, Germany. I then moved to Rome to dance for Balletto Di Roma, a neoclassical touring company performing in and outside Italy throughout the year. I have been there since 2021 and am really enjoying touring and performing.



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