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London Meets Porto: Cultural Exchange Announced between LVBS and CDVS

London Vocational Ballet School is delighted that this Summer, in partnership with Conservatório de Dança do Vale do Sousa (CDVS), students will have the opportunity to swap the skyscrapers of London for the cobbled streets of Porto via a new cultural exchange partnership between the schools.

This new collaboration between the schools is designed to offer the opportunity to break borders and open up new creative networks for young people. Students will have the opportunity to travel to the respective cities of the partner schools to spend a week under the guidance of their faculty. 

"This is an exciting opportunity to broaden cultural alliances, develop interpersonal and social skills and network in circles outside of our own schools", explains Gavin McCaig, Director of Business Operations at LVBS. "Students will expand their experiences as dancers-in-training and enjoy further social and cultural enrichment through interactions with the respective schools community."

Bianca Taveres, Director of CDVS said: "I'm very happy and excited about this exchange between LVBS and CDVS. This type of partnership allows the students to broaden their range of knowledge at various levels, be it technical, social or cultural. 

"This study week will allow them to get involved with a different school, teaching methods, teachers and peers. We are grateful to the LVBS and its management for embarking on this trip with us and we are sure that it will be a very enriching experience for everyone." 

With shared passion for instilling talented young dancers with the skills they need to thrive, we are excited to see how the exchange could grow further in future.

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